But first, cake.


Hi, I'm Sophie and I've been writing here at The Cake Hunter since March 2012, born out of a love for butter and sugar and all carbs. 

A few notes about me:

I love baking with chocolate. I try to bake with other ingredients but chocolate often works it's way in.

I do crossfit. and I love to deadlift.

I'm clumsy and awful at small talk. 

I love McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. 

I'm working on a diet coke addiction. Brighter days are ahead.

Brownies are my go to bake. Fudgy and gooey. Leave your cakey brownies at the door please. 


Sophie x




Winner of the Cosmpolitan magazine Blog Awards 'Best Food Blog' 2013.

Nominated for Best Food Blog in the MAD awards 2014. 

I have worked with brands such at Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Joules, Tiana Coconut and Stork.

Contributed content to Sweet magazine, Cupcake Heaven magazine, Company magazine's digital supplement and the Homemaker magazine blog. 



How long have you been baking?

I’ve been baking passionately for about 7 years now and am completely self-taught. I’ve learnt a great deal through trial and error and reading a ridiculous amount of blogs, cookbooks and magazines.

What camera do you use?

I use a second hand Canon 1000D and a 50mm 1.4 lens. I was hesitant to invest so much in a proper SLR as I hadn't used one before and I was on maternity leave so I hunted this one down on eBay and bought the lens on Amazon. In my opinion, the lens is what really makes the pictures. I'm very happy with the 1000D but I can't recommend the 50mm lens enough.

I edit my photos in Photoshop and VSCO.

What made you first interested in baking?

I’ve always loved baking, ever since I was a child but what I really loved about it was the science behind it. The idea that you have to mix ingredients a certain way and bake them at the right temperature to get them to turn into a cake is fascinating. 

What country do you live in (I assume England)?

I live in Stoke-On-Trent in England with my husband Nick, our daughter Matilda and Evie the monkeycat.

What books would you recommend?

Sweet Tooth by Lily Vanilli is an absolute must for anyone wanting to learn more about baking and the science behind it.

I would also recommend British Baking by Oliver Peyton and anything by Nigel Slater.

I get a lot of inspiration from magazines such as Olive, Delicious and Good Food. I also get Saveur on my iPhone as it's great to pick up tips from publications across the pond.

Can I work with you?

Of course, just send me and e-mail at iamthecakehunter@gmail.com :)


I am sometimes sent products to review. I will always state so in my posts if the product was gifted to me and my reviews are always 100% honest.