40 days and 40 nights

I gave up chocolate for Lent, not out of a deep religious conviction but more because we’d been spending a considerable amount of time together and I felt it was time for break. Lent gave chocolate and I a good reason to part company for 40 days and 40 nights. Now I’m sure that’s not secured me my ticket into heaven but I have appreciated how great chocolate is since it’s been out of my life. In one week we can be reunited and I encourage you to spend Good Friday with some cocoa.
I want to make my first chocolate consumption in 6+ weeks a good one so I’m weighing up various options, one of which includes finally trying Choccy Philadelphia…trust them to release it one week after I give up the stuff! In my head I imagine it to be amazing; I hope I’m not disappointed. I want to spread it on digestives like an instant chocolate cheesecake. 
I’m a massive cheese fan and I think, given the choice, I’d choose cheese over chocolate…but my love for the two is very close. Chocolate was made for women, totally cliché I know but I really think it was. I just don’t think the opposite sex get how great chocolate is, especially when you feel sad and it’s raining. I will go into great detail one day about my love for cheese, FYI when my turn comes to be married there WILL be a cheese tower wedding cake…just saying.
On a slightly different note, my major pay day purchase this month? This pretty rad looking red bundt tin.
Been aching to bundt for some time now and never got round to getting the tin so expect a sexy bundt post to pop up on the feed at some point. 
I’m at my last day of work for 10 days, 10 splendid days off to be lazy and write and bake. I’m pretty sure a Pieminister might occur somewhere as well.