Birthday Wishlist

It is my birthday next Tuesday and I will be turning 26...sigh. I've compiled a little wish list of goodies I would like. I'm desperate for some pretty floral bedding and my love affair with Rachel Khoo needs to continue through her book. I'm throwing a French themed birthday and want to recreate her salted caramel chocolate lava cakes once I can lay my hands on some cheap ramekins. I think I'm going to give these a try from Wilkinsons.
I'm addicted to food magazines. I love picking up Good Food and Delicious every month but I'm really keen to get my hands on Eat Me and Fire & Knives just to expand my food reading repertoire. I had to stop myself walking out of the supermarket with Olive and Jamie Oliver's magazine this morning as I'm supposed to be saving money, plus I had already somehow convinced myself it was a good idea to buy figs and parma ham. Feeling the need for some fancy lunches this week, very often a ham sandwich just prolongs the agony of the working day. Food should be a highlight, even if it's 'healthy' it should not be bland. I want to rid my life of bland food one plastic bread roll at a time.