Choccywoccydoodah Tea Party

Now I have recovered from my chocolate and champagne induced coma I am able to write about my trip down to London on Wednesday. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Choccywoccydoodah writers and bloggers party at their new London store (the other is in Brighton) in Fouberts Place, just off Carnaby Street. I had an absolutely brilliant time and met some great people. I'm really glad this was my first bloggers event as I enjoyed it so much. They probably raised the bar for any other event I get to go to!
the party was held upstairs in the cafe and on arrival I was handed a champagne truffle milkshake complete with umbrella. It was incredible! I totally broke my pre-holiday healthy eating kick for this event but it was so worth it. As if the milkshake wasn't enough, Henry, the assistant manager of the Brighton store, walked through with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a goblet (yes, a goblet) of melted milk chocolate for dipping. It was all so indulgent. There was literally a buffet of chocolate buttons and truffles.
The store is like stepping into another world, I cannot fault the staff either, they were friendly and happy to chat about anything, including unicorn kigus! All the staff I spoke to told me how much they love coming into work every morning and it was so great to hear how much they enjoy their jobs. They were generous to a fault and I left the party with quite a chocolate haul...
I tried a slice of one of their infamous cakes, it was superb. There was so much flavour, unlike any sponge cake I've ever tried before. I would urge you to consider them if you ever have an event you need an extra special cake for. The chocolate is excellent quality, these guys don't mess about. I will definitely be nipping in for visit next time I am in London. Thanks so much to Christine and the team for having me.