Rococo Chocolate

On my trip to London I paid a visit to the Liberty Chocolate Shop off Carnaby Street. I knew as soon as I stepped in the shop there was one flavour I was searching for - sea salt. I found a good few options but I settled for sea salt and milk chocolate by Rococo Chocolates.
I have managed to hold on to the bar for about a week before I gave in and opened it. At first I could not taste the salt but after a few seconds melting in your mouth you get this wonderful hint of sea salt behind the smooth milk chocolate. At £4.50 for 70g it isn't the cheapest bar but it is a treat and you do get excellent quality for the price. The company states they are committed to ethical practices which is always reassuring where chocolate is concerned. 
I would highly recommend treating yourself to a bar. It was so good that I made myself put half the bar under the sofa to save for later because I knew I'd feel gutted if I ate it all in one go. I'll definitely pick up more next time I'm by Oxford Street. 
Also, to any future visitors to the flat, please don't steal my special chocolate from under the sofa.