A Week in Food - Instagram Sunday

 (baking shelf, christmas mug, makeshift pantry, sugar cookeis, my new favourite corner of the flat, dented bundt tin, beef korai, drawing, awesome recipes, nintendo veemes courtesy of my cousin, driving home, banana nut bars, lula, easter egg, homemade chips and veggie burgers, peanut butter and chocolate buttons, Tutbury view, day out to Tutbury castle, cider, castle wall, trees, nando's! bacon and egg muffin, window box)

I have waited so long for Instagram to come to android. I am patiently waiting to upgrade to an iPhone and as much as my HTC irritates me - constantly taking screenshots of itself for example - I do like its camera. 
I like it even more so now I finally have Instagram and now I happily cover all my photos in a retro romantic filter that makes even brickwork look pretty. It also helps for photographing my foodie finds.

It's been a good week this week. I have been off work and able to relax.

I've made some great food this week. I'm a passionate meat eater but I did happen across a delicious veggie burger recipe yesterday with chickpeas, carrot, potato and curry powder. It put me a really veggie mood, so much so that today, on my first trip to Nando's in forever, I went for the veggie wrap! I always go for chips with peri peri sprinkle and coleslaw. That mix of spicy salt with the cool coleslaw gets me everytime. 

I made some low fat bacon and egg muffins. The recipe yielded 8 and we promptly ate them all between two of us as lunch. They were a lot like little healthy quiches in muffin cases, only contained 4 tablespoons of flour! 

Believe me, I don't make a habit of muffin lunches.

Lent is finally over and me and chocolate have been reunited. It was a magical reunion in the form of a Cadbury's chocolate buttons egg. I was lucky to be able to get an invite to the Choccywoccydoodah writers and bloggers tea party on Wednesday but funds mean I will probably have to forgo it. It means getting the train to London and all my pennies are going towards New York spending money at the moment. It will be worth it when I am eating giant pastrami sandwiches in Katz's deli though!

Hope you have all had a great Easter weekend. One more day off and then it's back to the grindstone.
Happy Easter!