The Gentleman's Sandwich aka Steak and Stilton

It was brought to my attention that last week was National Sandwich Week (a little belated I know). How I was not aware of this event in advance I don’t know.

I haven't tended to venture into cooking territory yet on this blog. I like comfort, and baking provides that. But then so do sandwiches. I think it’s ok for me to veer away from the baked slightly every now and again, it keeps me entertained. I don’t claim to be a cook, the food I make tends to be fairly simple. It’s when I get baking that I like to be complicated and my baking usually turns out better than my cooking.

The humble sandwich is a wonder to behold.

A gastronomic delight.

I used to work in a sandwich shop, a fair few moons ago, with my good pal Emma. Those were good days filled with ciabattas, Radio 1, steak Canadian (why did they always say that instead of Canadian Steak?!) and ‘affectionate’ nicknames for regulars. When Christmas came it was time to go off menu and break out the Christmas sandwich. It was nothing groundbreaking but just a heartwarming mix of turkey, bacon, brie, cranberry, stuffing and festive cheer! I can wholeheartedly say this is where my sandwich love stems from…most of my loves stem from nostalgia, but this is special because making them makes me feel pretty damn content about life. Yeah, that’s odd I know.

My personal favourite is a brie and grape on ciabatta. There are a fair few contenders for the spot of ‘Sophie’s Favourite Sandwich’ but brie and grape just wins for sheer beauty. And, I find it to be a fairly classy little sandwich.

I am presenting you today with all kinds of awesome in a sandwich. This was a sandwich for Nick. He puts up with my seemingly eternal grumpiness/giddiness and for this I am thanking him with ‘The Gentleman’s Sandwich’.

The Gentleman’s Sandwich is steak, stilton, caramelised onion, salad leaves and english mustard on a ciabatta. There’s something rustic but refined about it. This was a sandwich I refused to just name ‘steak and stilton’, hence 'The Gentleman's Sandwich'.

It deserved panache. And panache is what is what it got.

The Gentleman's Sandwich

**There are no amounts for this sandwich really because it's all about preference. Go mad!

Mature Blue Stilton
1 White Onion, sliced
Knob of Butter
2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar
Handful of Salad Leaves
English Mustard, optional
Ciabatta/Sour Dough/Your choice...

Again, this is all about preference so these are simple instructions. 
  1. Caramelise your sliced onions in a pan with a knob of butter. Near the end of cooking, add in 2 teaspoons of red wine vinegar. 
  2. Whilst the onions are cooking, lightly oil a frying pan and heat until smoking hot. Fry your steak on both sides depending on how you like it...I did a minute either side because I love it rare. Remove from the pan and leave to rest.
  3. Spread a little english mustard (or other condiment) on the bread.
  4. Slice the steak into strips and spread over the bread. Top with the onions. Crumble the stilton over the onions and then finish with the salad leaves.
Gaze in wonder.