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One thing I love more than food...statistics. Statistics about food? what?! It's happy hour in my brain.

My favourite part of reading Zest magazine every month is to find out things like drinking cherry juice makes you sleep 30% longer (that's is probably incorrect but you get the jist).

So when I found and typed 'food' in their search box I was in food fact heaven.
I have been wasting many a morning reading useless facts about the air difference between gelato and ice cream but when that question comes up on a pub quiz I'll be the gal to look to.

I just needed to share this magical site with you. You might already know about it, in which case kindly let me aboard the band wagon.

The time wasting potential of this site is rivaled only by Tumblr. I will not write a blog post on Tumblr, it would take me a week to do it simply because I would get distracted by pages and pages of chocolate coated peanutty goods and pictures of clouds with meaningful lyrics in attractive typography.

Go forth and discover the wonder of foodie statistics. You'll thank me for it.