Babycakes NYC

We arrived back from America yesterday. After two days of napping and pizza (we had no food in) I feel a bit more with it. I am, however, suffering with slight post-holiday food depression. Over the course of 11 days we ate some seriously amazing food and developed an addiction to diet Snapple iced tea - why don't we have it here?!

I knew from the moment we booked New York that I needed to visit Babycakes bakery down on Broome Street (in NoLita I think?). I have been obsessed with Babycakes for a good few years now, I don't have any allergies but I love that amazing baking can be done without eggs, regular flour and butter. For those that haven't heard of them Babycakes NYC is a bakery that specialises in vegan, gluten and wheat free baking. They have been a godsend for New Yorkers (and more) with allergies or just health concerns and have grown consistently in popularity since they opened. They also now have branches in LA and Disney World Orlando. Erin McKenna - the founder - has found a way to create delicious desserts without refined sugars, toxins and all those things that aren't so good for us. She is a baking genius.

We took a subway ride down to Delancey Street station and after some map reading we found the bakery. I'm not sure how many people get starstruck by a bakery but I was in love. If I ever get to own my own bakery, this is how I want it to look. It's the most magical place and I was so sad when we eventually left. 

We ordered a chocolate cupcake, jam and cream biscuit and frosted banana chocolate chip bread. Seeing as I might never go again I insisted we be indulgent. We also got two large coffees, the Stumptown coffee is superb! 

This was one of my favourite places in New York. If you ever get chance I would highly recommend you go. There are hundreds of bakeries in NY, I even tried Magnolia and Babycakes beat it hands down. Obviously Magnolia are great at what they do but they didn't live upto the hype. I could have sat in Babycakes all day and been very happy.