Rhubarb Jam

It's going slow this week isn't it? It's horrible weather. Towns are flooding and getting hit by golf ball sized hail stones and at the same time it's 21 degrees.

I forget that we still have July and August to get through but I've already been thinking about Autumn. 

As soon as those leaves start to turn and the nights get darker I want jam. Piles of hot buttery toast and jam.

So this post might seem pretty redundant right now, but I'm going to feel pretty happy come October and I've got this jar of rhubarb jam lying around with all it's superb pink goodness.

It's so simple to make. Jam can seem scary if you've never made it before. Do not fear. You'll feel like a jam genius when you've finished.

This doesn't just go with toast. Whilst it was still warm I mixed a heaped tablespoon in with some plain yoghurt and it. was. amazing! Like the best rhubarb yoghurt there's ever been. Modest eh?

Rhubarb Jam
(taken from The Independent)

750g rhubarb, cut into lengths
500g jam sugar
Juice of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 orange
1 vanilla pod, split or 2 tsp vanilla extract

  1. Put the rhubarb, sugar and lemon juice into a large saucepan and heat gently, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. 
  2. Add the orange zest and vanilla, turn up the heat and boil until setting point has been reached. At about 10-15 minutes, skim off any scum that has come to the surface. To check setting point, remove from the heat and put a spoonful of jam on a very cold plate. Place it into the fridge then, after a few seconds, push it with your finger; if it wrinkles then you have made jam. If setting point is not reached, return to the heat and continue to cook, testing for setting point every 2-3 minutes with the cold-plate method.
Once setting point has been reached, allow the jam to stand and settle for 15 minutes, then ladle into sterilised jars. Jam will keep in the fridge for between one and two months.