A Little Change Can Do You Good...

Here at Cake Hunter HQ there's been a little issue creeping up on me for the last month or so. The issue is an increasing number on my scales...I cannot hide from it any longer and I feared I was going to have to choose to abandon the blog I have so enjoyed writing over the past few months. Unfortunately for me, running a butter and sugar based blog is not helping my waistline and this makes me feel pretty lousy which, in turn, affects the quality of my output on here. I've been milling things over and although it's a little risky to change things on a blog, I think it's better to do it now than later.

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I need to start taking better care of myself...I'm being a selfish blogger but as I get older my health is becoming more and more important to me. And although I'm no threat to Jessica Ennis, I do want to live a longer, leaner life. I will still, of course, throw in deliciously indulgent recipes occasionally because it is healthy to enjoy yourself, but I want to cook healthier dishes and write a little more about life. 
As the blog is so young I'm hoping the slight change of direction won't put too many people off and I think this slight change of direction can only be a good thing. Please stick around, it will be good.
And don't worry, I'm always cake hunting!