Jamie At Home Wishlist

Image from Yvestown on Flickr

My kitchen has been needing a bit of spruce up lately. It's a tiny kitchen, severely lacking in space and suffering with an electric hob. I hate electric hobs...they never cool down and are generally just irritating. Maybe it's because I like control in a kitchen and I have no control with an electric hob, it's disconcerting as a baker.

The kitchen shares a room with the living room and dining room so I'm constantly balancing cookbooks on the back of the sofa resting oven trays on the floor for extra work space. We bought a cheap set of shelves from Ikea to create a makeshift pantry and it serves us pretty well. As a result of all this I have dreams about the perfect kitchen. My pinterest board can testify to this.

Clockwise from top: Pudding Bowl, Rolling PinTeatowel, Drinks DispenserVegetable PeelerEssential Knives

I've been eyeing up the Jamie at Home collection by Jamie Oliver for a while and I feel I might have to take the plunge and treat my kitchen to some pretty new accessories. My wishlist is a mix of functional but lovely stuff. I have a rolling pin but I much prefer the ones without handles for rolling out large pieces of dough or icing. 

I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many good knives in your kitchen. I definitely don't have enough and I'm trying to start a food styling kit for if I get to help on more shoots so decent knives for my kit would be at the top of the list. I also need a great vegetable peeler for the kit as rubbish peelers are another of my kitchen bug bears.

I feel like this is just a post of things that irritate me in my kitchen but my point is that investing in good equipment can make the kitchen experience much more enjoyable. I want great design as well as functionality and I reckon I can get this from the JME collection.

Where do you find the best and most attractive kitchen accessories?