Organising Your Recipes

If you are anything like me then you probably have food magazines and cookbooks strewn all over the floor/sofa/kitchen. I like to read but I tend to read cookbooks more than novels. I got through phases with novels, the last one was earlier this year when I obsessively read The Hunger Games and I’m now back to poring over pages of cakes. I have an ever growing pile of food magazines. Nick suggested it might be time to sort them out which I took as “these magazines are getting in my way, please throw them away”. I can be a bit of a hoarder. I keep things for a long time before I decide whether or not it has any use in my life. 

Nick was away last night so I decided to tackle the pile. I bought a neat little folder with sections in for a mere £3.74 in WH Smiths, sat myself down with a cup of coffee, my cutting board and knife and proceeded to attack all the magazines with a crafty ferocity. I cut out all the recipes that I felt would have a place in my life at some point (if they didn’t already). I felt reassured that the recipes I don’t have on the safety of the blog are now stored neatly in my little pink folder. In a world full of chaos I found peace.  

It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would. I was probably done within 2-3 hours. For a while I liked the idea of having all my magazines lined up on a shelf but I realised I was never going to use the recipes unless I a) got them all out and read them every time I wanted to find a recipe or b) memorised what was in each one e.g. chocolate cheesecake in the November 2011 issue of Good Food.

I also labelled a section at the back of the folder for tips and tricks. I often find helpful hints in Delicious and Olive magazine such as tempering chocolate and piping icing. Finally I popped any supplement recipe books in the front of the folder. Good Food often comes with a little supplement stuck in the front e.g. 35 easy desserts so I decided to keep those. 

So if you're stuck for something to do this weekend and you have an ever growing stack of magazines I would recommend you take a quiet afternoon and sort through them. Please don’t cut up your cookbooks though…just the magazines!