Best of 2012

Taking inspiration from London Bakes and Poires au Chocolat I decided to do a best of 2012 post. I only started the blog at the end of March but I've done 90 posts so far so I figured I had enough to choose from. I thought I'd start with the top 5 most popular and then 5 of my personal favourites. I'm so glad I started this blog and I'm really excited about all the bakes I have lined up for 2013. I think it will be a good year, plus I get to celebrate 100 posts in the next couple of weeks and the blog's 1st birthday on 28th March. 

5 Most Popular Posts

These are the top 5 most popular posts on the blog so far. The ciabatta recipe went down really well, it's such a great loaf to make and goes brilliantly with olive oil or houmous. My Great British Bake Off posts were really popular as well, I loved doing those and am looking forward to seeing what comes up in the show next year.

My 5 Favourite Posts

These are my favourite recipes from the past 9 months. It was hard to choose but these are the ones I'm most likely to make again and again. I made the chocolate teacakes back in July and then they did them on the bake off later that Summer so they ended up being popular as well. I love the vegan banana bread, it was absolutely gorgeous to eat and so interesting to make. It was my first experience with coconut oil and I love the stuff now. The challah was so good as well and I loved making a plaited loaf. I feel like a much braver baker now, I am much more prepared to take risks in order to bring you better bakes and I love that. Some of the below bakes were more challenging or had more stages to them but I think that's why they were my favourites.

I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve tomorrow, we are off to a cabaret masquerade party in Manchester and then it's back to work on the 2nd (sad face). I joined the new gym opening across the road from work today but it doesn't open until 1st Feb so I must keep motivated until then. I love swimming so I'm looking forward to being able to go in the morning before work. Good to start the year with a semblance of a plan I think. 

Thank you again to everyone who reads and follows this, you've made my year.
See you in 2013!!