Christmas Giveaway

I am really excited to be doing my first giveaway on the blog. I really wanted to do one before Christmas because it’s always nice to get a surprise at this time of year.

The fantastic Sous Chef gave me a voucher to pick out some goodies off their site for the giveaway. It was so difficult to pick things out as the site is so good. I visit every payday now to splash out on extra special ingredients like the fleur de sel or the valrhona chocolate. It’s helped give me great ideas for recipes. I bought some rose petals and rosewater on my last order and I’ve been working through a rose scented chain of thought since then trying to come up with the best way to use them. I’ve settled on an idea but it might be on the blog in January now.

This is what I picked out for the lucky winner:

Fleur de sel de camargue
This is the best salt for any salted caramel or chocolate recipe. Please don’t use table salt, invest in the best and you will get the best back!

Christmas Sugar
How could I not include this in a Christmas giveaway? This extra special Christmas sugar is loaded with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and green anise. The site suggests dusting it over biscuits, using it to caramelise nuts and even adding a pinch to sweeten cranberry sauces as well as including it in your Christmas baking. I’m going to get some and use it in my Christmas cake recipe to take it up a notch.

Littlepod Pure Vanilla Extract
I might sound like a baking snob now but I can’t use rubbish vanilla extract when I’m baking, especially if it’s a bake that needs a good vanilla and won’t be hidden by cocoa powder or strong spices. This Littlepod bourbon vanilla extract is a natural flavouring made from Madagascan bourbon vanilla pods and smells like heaven in  a bottle. If Heaven were full of vanilla.

Dark Chocolate Couverture 70%
Finally, some gorgeous dark chocolate. This chocolate is pre-tempered and has a 31% fat content. This ensures a quality, glossy chocolate which has a clean ‘snap’ when carefully melted. If you want to use it for a ganache or to make truffles don’t let it go above 31 C as you may need to temper it again to set perfectly.

I feel like these ingredients will give any Christmas bakes an amazing boost. Sous Chef source the finest ingredients for the most adventurous home cook. For bakers, they have flavours and ingredients that you won’t find down the local shop and it’s finds like that that get me really excited about baking. I also really love their packaging, it's so simple and makes me want to have everything in my cupboard packaged the same way.

I also have 4 copies of ‘Cake Pops Christmas’ by Bakerella, 1 for the winner and 3 for some runners up. This book is so pretty and full of cute ideas for cake pops. I’m not so great with sugarcraft but I’d like to have a go at these one day. I can decorate a cake ok but I’m too clumsy to create detailed little models. I’m hoping whoever wins this is better than I am and can send me a picture of their creations.

And finally I’m going to throw in a fresh batch of the vanilla sea salt caramels I made this week. They are delicious and easy to transport once wrapped up like little sweets. Just try not to eat them all at once, your dentist may not approve.

To Enter: Just use the rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will run until next Thursday 13th December at noon. So there's time to get the prizes out before Christmas.
Good luck!