When Recipes Don't Work...

Sometimes recipes don't work out quite like you want them to. I sat down to write a post tonight and realised that the recipe I had for tonight was one I wasn't happy with. I had been working through a list of posts and suddenly got to the end and didn't like what I was going to give you guys.
It was a recipe I had adapted from Good Food magazine for a butter free chocolate fudge cake but it was made with wholemeal flour and oatbran and it just didn't taste appetizing at all. I added hazelnuts to it and baked it in a round tin instead of a brownie tin (not that that would have affected the taste massively). It tasted like health food trying to be cake and I couldn't bring myself to give you a recipe that I didn't think was very nice. What if you tried it and realised for yourself that it was like eating chocolate cardboard? I can't lie to you, I like you all too much for that. So, rather than lie to you and give you a recipe for the sake of filling my regular Tuesday post with a recipe, I'm telling you the truth...I baked something that was a bit rubbish.
I have pancake day posts planned but I'm bringing you that on Thursday, today was just two days too early. My blogging system is too meticulously planned of course. I feel as though the more I blog the more I feel able to accept failure, or be less dramatic, things not turning out quite right. I am my own worst critic! Anyway, when things don't come out quite right the best thing to do is go to pinterest. I am obsessed with pinterest at the moment, it took me a while to get into it but now I like to pin all the things! My pinterest name is The Cake Hunter, my food & drink board is expanding rapidly but it's my favourite place to keep recipe ideas...otherwise I'd lose my tabs on the browser and never find anything again. So, today's blogging lesson is that sometimes things don't work out and if they don't, go on pinterest!