Apple and Peach Bircher

Sorry to bring Thursday's post to you a little late in the day. This week has been pretty busy and yet again Thursday comes around far too quickly. I did a cupcake stall at Nana's Vintage Fair at Staffs Uni Union today. I don't do them that often but it's fun to do them occasionally and I got to experiment with some new cupcake flavours. Two friends came round for tea afterwards and I made an awesome aubergine lasagne (if I do say so myself) and pawned off leftover cupcakes on them. And suddenly it was 9:30 and I had to get so much done (hopefully Nick will clean up the lasagne much cheese!).
To combat Tuesday's melted chocolate sexiness I'm calming the sugar rush with an apple and peach bircher. This is the perfect breakfast for a sunny weekend. I threw this all in a bowl on Friday night and it was ready and waiting for me on Saturday morning. All I had to do was brew a pot of coffee and drizzle a little yoghurt on top and I was good to go. To be honest, this would be perfect any morning but I really like to make weekend breakfasts a bit fancier because I eat the same breakfast Monday to Friday.
The guys at Kopi coffee must have gotten wind of my love of the strong stuff and got in touch to ask if I would like to give one of their coffees a try. Of course I said yes straight away but it's ruined me because now instant coffee just isn't cutting it anymore. This coffee is the reason we went out to town just to buy a larger cafetiere. Kopi is a monthly coffee subscription scheme where you get a different coffee every month from £8.95 a month. I'm not going to say something is awesome just because a company sends me something to review but this really was gorgeous coffee, I will always be honest about my opinions on products.
They sent me the Java Jampit Estate UTZ Certified Arabica. Nick hit the nail on the head when he said it was just like the coffee we drank in New York. It was rich, chocolatey and perfect with the bircher. I like my coffee strong and this suited my tastes perfectly. I would definitely recommend giving them a try, if you don't want a monthly subscription you can try individual packs for £9.95 (for 250g).
If you can, I really think it's worth treating yourself to a good breakfast at the weekend. I always eat breakfast at my desk in the week and it's a little rushed because I have to get back to work but long lazy breakfasts with the sun creeping in through the curtains make the weekends worth the Monday to Friday slog.
Apple and Peach Bircher
280ml apple juice
100g oats
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
200g peach slices, canned in juice
2 apples, grated (granny smiths have the best flavour)
handful of flaked almonds and dried cranberries
  1. Mix the grated apple, oats, cinnamon, almonds and cranberries together.
  2. Pour in the apple juice and stir to combine. Mix in the peach slices.
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes, or overnight.
  4. Serve on its own or with a little yoghurt.