Feast London

I have woken up sufficiently enough to write this post now. Tiredness hit me like a wave about half six and I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on this if I didn't have a little nap. We went to London yesterday to visit Feast. We went back in December and loved it so much I persuaded Nick that we needed to go again. I'm so glad we did, I think it was even better this time. Maybe it's because I'm an outsider but I get so excited (and envious) about London food, that's why I'm willing to take a whole day trip down there just to try out the best of what the big smoke has to offer. We got the 7:50 train and arrived by half 9. It was a little grey in old London town so we went to King's Cross and had breakfast at Leon. I had the egg cup with ham hock, truffle and gruyere (so good) and Nick had the porridge with blueberries, honey and toasted seeds.
We had some time before Feast so we wandered to Holborn and had a stroll around. On our way to Covent Garden we took a detour over Waterloo Bridge. Despite the fog the hung low over the skyline it was so nice to see everything, the Shard, Big Ben, London Eye and St Paul's. I always love my trips to London. It's such a beautiful city.
We headed over to Feast around lunchtime. The venue this time was at Tobacco Dock near Shadwell station. It was a fantastic venue. The stalls were spread over 2 floors and there were plenty of tables to sit down at. Our strategy was to share everything we wanted to try, we got through 5 dishes, 2 cocktails and 2 coffees and left feeling comfortably full. We started with Pizza Pilgrims and had the Nduja. Their pizza is the best I've ever had, it's so simple but the flavours used are really gorgeous.

Dish number two was the lamb raan bun from Dishoom. There are no words. I've never eaten anthing like it, it was just superb. I didn't feel like I could get a picture to show just how amazing this bun was. I think we would definitely take a trip down especially to eat at their restaurant.
Dish number three was a fish dog from Mark Hix's Fish Dog. It was beautifully cooked fish, not greasy at all and served in a soft bun with mushy peas and tartar sauce (the ketchup side was mine, ever so classy). It was small so was perfect to share when we were working our way through all the food. We missed Fish Dog off the list last time so I'm glad we got to give it a try.
Dish number four was a halloumi salad wrap from French & Grace. I feel like a whole new world of salad has been opened up to me, so much so that I've been food shopping today and come back with carrots, red cabbage and sesame seeds to try and recreate their gorgeous (dressing-less) coleslaw. The halloumi was the best I've tried, not as salty as the supermarket ones I've bought and gorgeously creamy. The salad also had mint leaves, pomegranate seeds and lemon & tahini dressing on, all served on a warm flatbread...honestly the best salad I've ever eaten.

Finally we finished with two flat whites from Caravan and, the one dish I was waiting for, the reuben hero from Mishkins. This was my favourite dish of the day, Nick's was the lamb bun from Dishoom. I LOVE reubens. If there is one on a menu anywhere, chances are that will be the dish I pick but for the life of me I cannot find a reuben in Stoke on Trent...it's a sad fact I have to deal with on daily basis.  The reuben from Mishkins was juicy and topped with sweet sweet swiss cheese and Russian dressing. I went all out and had the pickle on a stick as well. I was happy to end on this.

Feast really is great fun. It's £8 to get in and most dishes cost between £3 and £6 when you get in there. So Nick and I spent around £20-25 on lunch (minus drinks) for both of us, I think this is pretty good for London prices and for the amount of food we tried. Suffice to say, I'll be eating salad for the rest of the week.
We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the city and our last meal of the day was at Byron. I've read so many things about Byron and last time we were in the city we saw about 4 different Byron's on our travels. So, we had some time to kill before the train back so we popped into the large branch near Holborn/Covent Garden and I had a medium rare blue cheese burger and Nick had the grilled chicken burger. I have to say it was an excellent burger, sometimes I read about places and when I get round to trying it, it just doesn't live upto the hype (I feel like The Breakfast Club was pretty overrated). But Byron was definitely one of the best burgers I've had.

I'm sorry to give you such a photo heavy post but I couldn't pick just 5-6 images to represent the day so I'm putting nearly all of the best ones up. I hope you had a great weekend and, as I mentioned on Twitter earlier, next time I'm in London I'd love to meet up with some other London food bloggers and get lunch. I need to be shown round London by people who really know the best places to go.