Thin Mints Milkshake

It's only a few weeks since I last did a milkshake but I had to do another one and this one is so delicious. Not long ago my lovely friend Erin (who hails from Vermont) introduced me to Girl Scout Cookies. She laid out a little plate with Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints which her parents had mailed to her from home. I loved them all, especially the Samoas - I've already bought the ingredients to recreate them at home.
The Thin Mints were definitely cookies I could eat too many of. They are so simple but delicious and I probably couldn't trust myself to be in the same room as a whole box. I decided to put a little twist on them and make a milkshake. It was so simple and you don't really need a box of Thin Mints to make it. I used Oreo halves blended in with the ice cream and crumbled on top. I love making milkshakes, they're so easy and always delicious.
I only have a 4 day week at work today. We are off on a weekend away to Wales on Thursday after work. We haven't had a little trip in a while so it will be nice to get some air and see some greenery for a change. We are still in the process of planning our holiday for August...leaving it a bit late I know! But I'm hoping we will find a little last minute bargain. Holidays keep me going through these wet and windy days. Also, so much for the sunny Sunday I'd heard was coming our way today. We'd been in all weekend and cabin fever was creeping so we took a trip out to The Trafford Centre in Manchester for a wander round and some lovely food at Tampopo. I almost feel ready to go back to work tomorrow.
Thin Mints Milkshake
3-4 tablespoons of mint choc chip ice cream
a good splash of whole milk
2 Oreos, halved with the filling scraped out
chocolate syrup
  1. Pop the ice cream, milk and 3 of the oreo halves in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass. Crumble the final oreo half on top and drizzle over chocolate syrup. 
  3. Stick in a straw and slurp down in secret ;)