A Bun in the Oven

I feel like I've been waiting to write this post forever. I am excited to properly announce that Nick and I are expecting our first child. I am 13+1 and baby cake hunter is due on 4th December.
You may have noticed that in the last 6-7 weeks I've been a pretty poor blogger...and an even worse baker. From about 6 weeks I started to feel nauseous, not just in the morning but all day. At its worst it was like being hungover every day. I also pretty much went off all food and couldn't even stand in the kitchen to cook a meal, let alone bake anything. I wanted so much to be able to explain to you all properly but we decided to save any announcements until after 12 weeks when we had our scan.
For someone who loves food and cooking I have found the first trimester hard, for a few weeks I survived on sandwiches, toast and noodles. It has gotten better, the turning point came when we discovered Mexican food didn't turn my stomach...this began the week of tacos and fajitas. I've slowly found more things that I can eat and the nausea is wearing off.
I don't want to sit and moan about being pregnant, I am really lucky because I had a big operation when I was younger and I only have one ovary (TMI? sorry). I'm so excited about this new chapter of our life but it is hard to feel excited when you're falling asleep at 11am/3pm/7pm. Nick has been an absolute saint, he really does deserve a medal for putting up with the emotional, grumpy, fussy eater I have been since the beginning of April.
I want so much to continue the blog but I have to be honest and say that there is going to have to be a dual focus from now on. The hardest part about blogging over the last 7 weeks has been that the pregnancy has been the biggest thing going on in our lives and it's been so difficult to sit and write and ignore that. I will keep baking but I hope you don't mind me adding different features to the blog now that my biggest project of all is underway.