Cleaning with Method

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I was all ready to sit down and catch up with you when I was hit by a horrible sinus infection. It's pretty me rendered me useless since Tuesday night and, being pregnant, I can't take anything other than a few paracetamol and a good sniff of Olbas Oil. Anyway, I've regained some lucidity and am here to tell you about my latest revelation...Method eco cleaning products.

I was introduced to Method the other day by some lovely twitter folks. I asked if anyone could recommend a good eco cleaning brand to me and the results were between Ecover and Method. I had never heard of Method before but when I googled them I was first sold on the packaging. I'm such a sucker for packaging (I shouldn't judge a product by its cover but it makes such a big first impression). I also found that Ecover own Method so even though it probably doesn't make much difference I wanted a product that was going to look nice when left out by the sink  - or even just under the sink. 

My whole quest for eco friendly products began with me wanting to give the bathroom tiles a good clean and Nick (and deep down, myself) not being too happy about me using Cif Power Cream in an unventilated room. Truth be told I just felt more comfortable about cleaning without chemicals when growing a tiny person inside me. I don't think this is unreasonable and I think it's a sign of motherly instinct already eking its way out. 

So, my hunt took me to the Method website, who directed me to Big Green Smile to buy all the Method products. I was able to find everything I needed on Big Green Smile, including loads of other products. I also picked up the Ecover toilet cleaner...which I've yet to try but I will update you. 

So, what did I order? And how much did it cost?
Method Tub & Tile Bathroom Cleaner £3.00
Method Hand Wash in Sweet Water (I ordered 2) £2.49
Method Daily Shower £3.00
Method Flushable Wipes £2.50
Method Daily Kitchen Spray £3.00
Method Washing Up Liquid "Dish Pump" in Clementine £3.00

When I saw the size of the bottles that arrived I was really impressed. I know spending £3.00 on bathroom cleaner or washing up liquid might seem steep but they were good sized bottles in excellent quality packaging. I mainly ordered the handwash because I liked the look of the packaging and, with us moving house next month, I wanted something that would look nice by the sink.

Do they work?
Yes! They are brilliant products. I know I was spending a lot of money (£27 inc the Ecover toilet cleaner plus delivery) on products that I only had Twitter recommendations on so I was really pleased to find that they all do a great job. I particularly love the Daily Shower Cleaner, it's easy to quickly spray over the glass and wipe down once a day. The same for the Daily Kitchen Cleaner...a few squirts over the worktop and wipe down and I know I'm keeping everything clean. They smell nice, the clean efficiently and I know I'm not harming Baby Cake Hunter with fumes and dodgy chemicals. I'm happy knowing I've found a brand that won't cause any harm to me or my's crazy how much my priorities have changed in the last few months. 


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