On Making it Through the First Trimester

Gratuitous shot of brie and bacon courtesy of Pinterest

I have emerged from the first trimester pretty much unscathed. Two more trimesters, or 180 days, to go until Baby Cake Hunter arrives and I feel slightly more me again. I feel brighter and the only nausea that remains is before my morning crumpets. I seriously struggle to function without 2 crumpets, a fruit juice and 15 minutes of Daybreak before work…is this a sign of getting old? My parents always had GMTV on in the morning and I never watched morning TV before I was pregnant, is it some symptom of pregnancy that you start to turn into your Mother?

There are some elements of pregnancy so far that I felt totally unprepared for. I did not expect sleep to become so uncomfortable before a bump even started to creep out or that my bladder would wake me every morning at 5:30am without a thought that there would still be another hour on the alarm. I did not expect to become such a wimp that I had to give up watching Game of Thrones halfway through Season 3 because the misery and torture was simply too much for my emotion addled brain. I know what happened on Monday night and Nick informed me I would not have liked watching it. 

I also did not realise how much I would miss brie and stilton. When baby arrives, I’m having a party with those two cheeses. On Monday we ate at Dough in Manchester (amazing pizza!) and Nick had the cheeseboard pizza (below). It was the meanest thing he has ever done to me. 

It’s been an eye opening two months since we found out Baby CH was on its way. Aside from Mexican food (and crumpets) being a revelation, I can now happily say that the best thing I’ve ever purchased in my life are these jeggings from Mothercare. Hello stretchy waistband! This was just a series of thoughts rather than a post with any real purpose but I hope it has entertained you a little. I’ve made an amazing banana bread yesterday so I’ll bring you the recipe over the weekend.