Christmas Hamper (or the magical basket getting me through motherhood)

I find there's always one person who you have no idea what to buy for. I have the answer for's so simple, if you hadn't realised it's a Christmas hamper. Food makes everyone happy so if there is that someone who you just struggle to find something special for, get them a basket of goodies. Seriously, how can you go wrong?

Viking sent me their Christmas Cracker hamper to review and I've been testing out the products with myself and visitors over the past couple of weeks. I know this isn't the main purpose of the hamper but when you don't even have time to toast a bagel because a certain little Matilda won't sleep more than twenty minutes at a time then a basket full of festive treats underneath the tree across the room is very welcome. It's nine days before Christmas so if you are stuck for a gift then I would definitely recommend ordering one of the hampers from Viking.

The hamper I was sent held a variety of treats including French cocoa dusted truffles (so good that I had cocoa round my mouth for an hour after eating them as I fell into a cocoa induced coma), triple chocolate chunk biscuits, Yorkshire crisps, Christmas cake, chilli coated peanut, white chocolate and cranberry cookies and more delicious goodies. 

Whilst I'm here I have to mention this amazing bauble I ordered from Miss Cake. I wanted something special to commemorate Tilly's first Christmas and this seemed perfect.