A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

51 days old.

We are attempting to get Matilda used to her cot in the day. At night she is in our bed/room but I know I can't carry her round forever and she does, at some point, need to sleep on her own so I'm popping her in her cot more. She's only napped for half an hour at the most so far before waking up grumpy but it's a work in progress.

She is smiling more each day but I haven't managed to catch it on camera yet despite my hovering over her with it any opportunity I get. Mastering (or trying to) shutter speed means I'm able to catch  her movements without alot of blur. Having spent so long snapping cakes I'm learning so much about photographing people - babies, in particular. We have our big walk to the breastfeeding group tomorrow, weather permitting, so I want to try and get some good shots outside. Although as soon as the pram starts rolling she drifts off to sleep. Such a hard life eh?