A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

58 days old.

She started gurgling this week and even blew a raspberry yesterday morning. We had a nightmare nappy change in the supermarket on Thursday during which I fully learnt the lesson of always keeping a change of clothes in the changing bag. Luckily I was able to send Nick for more wipes and a new sleepsuit. 
I love this sleepsuit she is wearing, it was bought for her at Christmas by a friend of the family and she just looks so cute in it. You can find it here at John Lewis. I took a similar picture of her last week on my instagram. Sunday mornings with her are my favourite. She is always in such a good mood and she wriggles about on the bed smiling and making funny little Matilda noises. It makes me so glad Nick doesn't work weekends so he can see her like this. When she smiles at me I'm struck by what an honour it is to be her mother.