Coffee Break - De'Longhi Motivo Espresso Cappuccino Maker

I went off hot drinks completely during my first trimester and when the nausea finally left and I could face a hot coffee again I avoided caffeine completely. So for 8 months I didn't have a decent cup of Joe. I love coffee. It's not really about loving a caffeine kick, there's a ceremony to sitting down to a coffee that I guess is why tea enthusiasts love tea so much. I've never been a tea drinker...honestly, I think it tastes awful but I know many people who think the same about coffee (fools!). 

I have lost a lot of sleep since Tilly was born. I'm not complaining but I have mastered the art of falling asleep sitting up. I am breastfeeding so my caffeine intake is still limited but every other day I will make myself a proper cup of coffee. I was sent this amazing cappuccino maker by De'Longhi from Argos to review and it was perfect timing because it's arrival coincided with the beginning of Tilly's life (aka the fortnight of no sleep). I haven't passed my driving test yet so I can't make regular trips to my local coffee chain. Having this machine in my kitchen means when Tilly is sleeping I can pop in and make myself a drink to rival that chain and save about £3 per cup every time - that's over £750 a year I'd be paying for 5 cups a week!

I found the machine easy to use but you do need to read the instructions carefully first - as you would with any new piece of kitchen equipment. It has a milk steamer on the side, I don't use this everytime but I do if I fancy a latte or hot frothy milk for a hot chocolate. You do need to pay attention when using the steamer, it's not a difficult  attachment to use but I don't think you could jump in and use it straight away if you aren't familiar with machines like this. I prefer using coffee pods with the machine - just because they're tidier - but it's easy to use loose ground coffee as well. If I'm doing a latte I'll pour an espresso shot (i.e. let the coffee pour for about 45 seconds) but if I want an Americano style coffee I'll let it pour until the mug is nearly full and then just add cold milk. I bought some vanilla syrup to make my favourite vanilla lattes at home and if I'm sat in my sweatpants and I haven't washed my hair it's a lovely treat to sit for 10 minutes and enjoy. 

The main thing I love about having this machine at home is that it's allowed me to learn more about the coffee I'm buying. I never used to pay much attention to where my coffee was from or how it was roasted - and there is a minefield of coffees out there - but now I'm starting to learn what makes a good cup. I'll never be a barista and I'm unlikely to ever master latte art but as long as this is in my kitchen I'm happy. 

This post was brought to you in conjunction with Argos. All opinions are honest and my own.