Mothers vs Mothers

So far this year I've been all cakes and cute baby pictures but the last week I've been seriously thinking about my role as a mother and how, only two months in, I am constantly comparing myself to everyone else. This shouldn't surprise me as I did this before I even had a positive pregnancy test. I feel bad everytime I give Matilda formula instead of breastfeeding, or when I let her sleep in our bed instead of her own, or if I give her a dummy. The list goes on.

Rachel from Make a Long Story Short recently wrote an article on What To Expect about how sometimes she doesn't like her toddler that much. I love Rachel's blog, she is always so honest about being a parent and that helps me not feel like I'm doing everything wrong. Yesterday she wrote on her blog about the backlash she has had from other mothers online. Now I've not experienced raising a toddler and I can only imagine how hard it must be when faced with a screaming two year old in public. Thankfully Matilda has only chosen to really scream at me in the comfort of our own home but I'm sure she is planning on testing me in a couple of years, just as I know I tested my mother. 

My point today is that being a parent is amazing but it's also a little exasperating and we should all be more supportive of one another because I'd be very interested to meet a woman whose toddler hasn't frustrated them at some point. 

(Thank you for indulging me in this non-cake related post.)