How to Temper Chocolate (+ Double Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter Cups)

Learning how to temper chocolate properly has been on my baking to do list for quite a while, definitely since I saw Paul A Young demonstrate it at the Cake and Bake Show about 18 months ago. I knew what it involved but I suppose I was abit scared of it because it seemed so technical. I think anything that involves precise temperatures like tempering chocolate or making caramel puts me off a little bit because I hate to waste ingredients if it goes wrong. 

But the thing with tempering chocolate is, even if it goes wrong you can start again. Just let the chocolate cool before you reheat it to the right temp and let it cool back down slowly to 32C. Or if you don't fancy redoing it, it's still edible but it might look a little grainy. I definitely need abit more practice but it was fun to try it out and definitely not that hard to do once you have everything set out. 

Something Sweet - a new magazine about creating delicious chocolates and sweets - got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to have a go at tempering chocolate to coincide with their first issue. They sent me the equipment to get started and I thought I would use the tempered chocolate to create these double chocolate coconut cashew butter cups. 

They are absolute heaven, and perfect if you want something rich and chocolatey but only two bites. For me, one cup was enough to satisfy my chocolate craving. This is now my favourite nut butter, and I thought nothing could beat my beloved Justin's maple almond butter. It was so easy to make aswell and would make an awesome gift in a jar. If you are not a fan of coconut, just omit it from the recipe. 

Excuse the blooming slightly in picture below, it did take me two attempts to get it right :)

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter
(adapted slightly from Averie Cooks)

100g cashews, soaked for 2-4 hours
140ml maple syrup
1 tablespoon honey
80g cocoa powder
50g flaked coconut (chips not dessicated)
30g coconut oil
  1. Place the soaked cashews and remaining ingredients in your blender or food processor and blend until smooth. The better your blender the smoother it will be. My food processor isn't the best so my nut butter is a little crunchy but still as delicious. I left it running for about 5-8 minutes.
  2. Pop to one side while you temper your chocolate. 

Tempering Chocolate

300g dark chocolate
  1. Break up your chocolate into even chunks and place two thirds of it in a clean glass bowl over a pan of simmering water. Don't let the water boil or touch the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Place a candy/chocolate thermometer in the chocolate and when it reaches 49C, remove it from the pan and wrap the bowl in a teatowel to slowly cool.
  3. When the chocolate reaches 30-32C it is ready to use.

To assemble the cups:

makes 14 cups with some nut butter remaining 
  1. Line a bun tray with small liners. In the bottom of each liner, place a heaped teaspoon of melted chocolate and spread up the sides of the liner. 
  2. Leave to set for 10 minutes before popping a heaped teaspoon of the nut butter in each cup.
  3. Wet your index finger and flatten the tops of the nut butter to make it more level.
  4. Spoon another heaped teaspoon of melted chocolate on top and sprinkle with a tiny pinch of sea salt on each cup.