Matilda's Room

I thought I'd give you a little tour of Matilda's room now it's finally (almost) finished. We just have a shelf and some pictures to put up and then it will be done but I'm so chuffed with it I wanted to show it off.

It took a while to get it finished because of a delivery mix up with the furniture but since she wasn't sleeping in the room anyway it didn't matter so much that it wasn't ready for when she was born. As much as I'm happy to dress Matilda in pink, Nick and I agreed we didn't want a pink room. We wanted something bright and exciting that would be adaptable as she grew. We opted for bedding from Next, sadly it's not available now as it was last season. It was called 'Balloon Friends', they do have a vaguely similar one in now called 'Safari Friends' but it's much brighter. 

My favourite part is the wall above her cot. The pom poms and the banner are from This Modern Life - my favourite kids interiors store. Rather than hanging the pom poms from the ceiling we thought it would be nice to arrange them on the wall. We got extra sticky pads to make sure they were secure. I also got these postcards for the wall but I need to hang the frames up.

It's definitely my favourite room in house now and Matilda loves it, especially the alphabet print by her changing table. I'm trying to get her used to sleeping in it by putting her in her cot in the day and she seems happy enough. Now we have one properly decorated room, I'm on a mission to personalise the rest of the house with more prints and garlands.