My Portable Office

I've been writing this blog for almost two years now (wow that's gone quickly!) so I thought I would give you a peek into how I work. My 'office' is very much portable and I rely heavily on my laptop and handheld devices for all blog related things. Basically, my office is wherever I can sit down. The way I work has changed a lot over the last year, especially since Matilda was born. Having a portable office makes it much easier to write/edit in the short bursts when she naps. 

I use my iPhone for social media because it's great for updating things on the go. I can manage my Facebook page - both personal and blog - from it as well as my instagram, twitter and pinterest. I use my Kindle to keep all my books and magazines safely stored without creating more clutter on the living room floor. I get a lot of inspiration from food magazines so if I'm stuck for recipe ideas I'll have a flick through a couple of issues of something to get the cogs turning again.

My laptop is where all my major blog work goes down. It's where I edit my photos and write my posts and I'd be pretty lost without it. A desktop computer would never work for me because I find it much easier to be able to move my work around the house, but if I do need to focus away from the glare of the TV I'll set myself up at the table. 

I enjoy my little sofa office, I have a gorgeous view out from the living room and I'm able to keep an eye on Matilda if she's in her moses basket or on her playmat. The living room is the hub of our house so to be based in any other room would feed isolating. Plus, I'm much closer to the kitchen for cake and coffee. 

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