What Matilda Won

A few weeks ago I entered an instagram giveaway for some lovely baby things and in a wonderful stroke of luck I won! It's probably the best giveaway I've ever won and even better, it was all treats for Matilda. 
One thing I really love about it is that it's introduced me to a whole host of amazing instagrammers, mamas and shop owners and I've found new accounts to follow almost daily. 

Here's some close up pictures of what Matilda won and where you can snap them up.

I adore these Monkey and Mole moccasins and I wish they were in my size. They are beautifully made and the leather is super soft. I requested them in a bigger size so Matilda can wear them when she's crawling and heading towards standing, but I know I'll be ordering more as she gets bigger because they are just so cute. 

This embroidery hoop picture from Lola's Little Palace is adorable and Nick and I decided it should go in the living room because it's too cute to hide away and we always affectionately call each other 'dear'. 

The pudding top from Little Miss Daisy is really cute and while Matilda won't be able to wear it for another year or so I'm looking forward to bringing it out the drawer when she's ready. 

The 'Move Mountains' print is from Woody and Florence, who have a gorgeous shop on Etsy. Their products would suit anyone, not just little ones. I think this will look really nice with some sea green washi tape on the wall.

I can't take how adorable Matilda looks in these bows from Lovely Littles and Co. The headband fits her perfectly with room to stretch as her noggin grows. She doesn't have quite enough hair for the clips yet but I'm keeping them safe until she does. 

Finally, I LOVE these owl crayons from Crayon Box. These are also going to go safely away until Matilda can work out how to pick up a crayon, although they look so good it would be a shame to use them. 

I wanted to show these off a) because I was just so happy with everything we won and b) to introduce you all to some amazing shops. If you are looking for gifts for anyone with children - or even just for adults - these are greats places to check out for something abit different. 

If you want to follow any of the above shops on Instagram, here are the links:


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