17/52 & 18/52

156 days old.

163 days old. 

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

This week Matilda is definitely on her way to being mobile. I seriously cannot look away for a second before she's rolled over but she hasn't worked out how to roll from front to back yet so she gets stuck and then frustrated. The bottom photo was only taken on my iPhone but I love her little face in it. She's such a happy little baby lately, during her first three months she was quite a fussy baby but since 4 months she's really settled. I have just under six months left with her before I go back to work and, without sounding all gooey, I'm so excited for Summer with my baby.

I'm off to see McBusted tonight and I can't wait. In the Summer of 2004 one of my best friends and I would sit and wait for 'Obviously' to come on the music channels and tonight we get to see it played live. I maybe 28 but I still feel about 18.

Have a lovely bank holiday and I hope the sun comes out for everyone. I have so many great recipes ready to blog over the next two weeks. I like to keep myself busy!